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The Only M.B.A. You Need To Create A 6-Figure Consulting Business With Real Flexibility & Freedom
Enrollment Opens April 2018
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Enrollment Opens April 2018
If you're looking to turn your consulting business into a profitable, sustainable machine, then this is for you...

In April 2018, I'm going to be opening for enrollment my Marketing & Business Accelerator (M.B.A.) program.
The program teaches one-person consultants, and small agencies how to grow and scale their service-based business by implementing tailor-made marketing & business systems specific for those who sell consulting services.

We'll cover how to...
  • Craft Your Irresistible Offer
  • Create Your Pricing Structure
  • Get Paid to Write Your Proposals 
  • Master Your Pitch
  • Overcome Sales Objections
  • Avoid "Crazy Pants" Clients
  • Eliminate "Imposter Syndrome"
  • Develop A Habit of Working ON Your Business
  • Implement Organic and Paid Lead Generation Tactics
  • Manage Your Financials With Ease
  • Project Management Systems that Save Time, Money & Clients!
  • Hire & Onboard New Team Members
  • Avoid Common Mistakes in the Sales Process
  • And SO. MUCH. MORE!
The material I cover is actionable based on my own experience in creating a 6-figure consulting business in less than 9 months, helping hundreds of entrepreneurs as the creator and director of the ClickFunnels Certified Partner program, and my 20 years of real-world business experience where I've managed multi-million dollar projects, created and scaled multi-million dollar business divisions, scaling teams, and putting the exact systems and processes in place that enable massive growth without sacrificing the customer's experience or YOUR work-life balance.

If you’re serious about creating a profitable, sustainable business and finally getting the focus, accountability and momentum you've been looking for, then add your email to the list so we can get this started.

"We've seen so many success stories...all because of what Nora put together." 
"We've seen so many success stories... businesses started, agencies started...all because of what Nora put together...She's someone who's talented at all levels...the strategy...understanding how to build funnels, how to grow companies, how to scale...if you have the opportunity to work with Nora definitely take it!"​
-Russell Brunson, Co-Founder & CEO of ClickFunnels
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